Tuesday, February 8, 2011

i really love my artworks..


before this i have a passion to do my work like painting and design, and baking but now....i still have it but i dont have a confident with it.. i keep thinking ..when i start a design something , i keep asking to myself that that work is good enough or can get the high marks or not...now i need to push my self really harder for these semester , when i look back my paintings, my works ..my design.....it makes me realize that im good at these just dont give up, i like to draw, i like to design i really love arts i dont want to think negative.....well these are my works that i have done before...and i show some of it..not all la...

and this one my fav. amik mase satu hari nk siapkan ...x rehat langsung x pakai pencil lecturer x kasi so just teros paint je la huhuhuhu

ni painting mase first year ....perghh i like this one it takes a long time to finish it huhuh~

well i use ai (illustrator cs4) to make this effect, i should be here ......hurmm maybe terdelete kot huhuhuhuhu dah lame x tgk yg ni ....rina start minat wat graphic ni sbb rina suke hasil die..bile kite dah buat rase cam semangat je......n sampai skrg im doing the same thing ...

haha im not good on drawing potrait LOL

this one..hurmmmm wayyyy back...that time im waiting for my spm result.. im using charcoal to draw the twig and a pebble..

and this one life drawing as u can see the bottom one is the first class ..just draw like that and the upper one is drawing exam...i got an A for this drawing =3

hurmm...all these artworks inspire me ..wantto make more and more and trying something new....i put all of these pictures because i want to share with u all ..and im not show off or something ...because i like it... i like my works i know some of them not like it..i promise for these day i will try my best and put more effort to my work that i like..just like before =)



  1. ok la tu.. kalau cekodok ni.. nak lukis cekodok pun lom tentu lagi.. hehe

  2. >.< arigatouuu

    lukisan ni la bg semangat tuk study...bile tgk rase semangat la plak tuk wat design pape pon time kaceh~



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