hurm, actually i love to bake cake and cookies...why? because when i was 10 years old i always helping my mother to bake cake and cookies for hari raya and until now i always help my mother to prepare and also bake. and now on the first time i bake the cake for my families and friends. the first cake that i bake is chocolate cheese cake.....!yummy!!!!!

like Tom and Jerry...
i like to bully my little bro, because i dont have a neighbour that same age with sometime i bully my brother just to have fun and we like a best friends wrestling each other...

Ocean Blue...
i like the ocean and it makes me feel more relax and calm...the sands, wind, and the sounds of the wave that make me forget all my problems.

Cooking sucks!!!
hurm i hate to cook. and i dont know why i hate to cook so much. ok la i like pastry stuff heheh

i love to draw....when i was 4 or 5 years old i always want to buy the colours pencils for coloring and drawing...and now here i am in!

Don`t pushed me!
i realy hate someone that pushed me to do that something i dont like.......

Movie tickets!!!
i like to collect movie tickets after i watching that movie and i keep it in my purse.hahah
i start to collect those 3 years ago...haha

music in my soul....
i like celine dion, mariah carey, the corrs, josh groban, and old love songs..even i get angry when i listen to the slow music..make me feel relax..

actually i was really afraid of butterfly and also the people play the ballons. why??

like garfield!
i like to eat!!and at the same time i like to bully my brother..heheheh .and i like garfield since i was little girl.


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