~First Try~
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~Sitemap, Grant Chart & Moodboard~

~Strategic Brief~

  • Project Definition : The project is to redesign the webpage of Vitagen. Redesign the 8 pages of Vitagen is to make more graphic, more fun for user when they visit the websites.At the same time we also rebuilt the interface to make more organized.

  • Current Site Analysis Goals  : This site people should know about all the information about Vitagen, for example highlights, Promotion , Events, & Health. The place that we need to improve the website is to rearrange the component of the website, typeface, colors, more infographic.

  • Client's Analysis : Vitagen is a popular choice for cultured milk for many Malaysians and continues to satisfy the increasing needs of health- conscious Malaysia consumers.

  • Short & Long- terms Goals : The long term goals for this site is, make the people know about this site Vitagen, the information, the background and so on. The short term goals of this site is to improve the promotion & highlight to attract the people to get a better information aboout Vitagen.

  • Target Audience : Kids and Teenager  who mostly age around 12- 25 years old. The reason is cultured drinks is good for their health.

  • Competitors Analysis  : Through the analysis of the compatitors website, i found that 
design - home page are clean with the most important information
           - tidy grid system
layout - the interactive are amazing and they also put the sound effects to make more interesting
           - the font that they use are interesting.

  • Idea & Concept Implimention
- making more tidy website.
- more info graphic
- easily navigate and browsing which brings good experience.
- the color much energatic and suitable for target audience/ user.

~Compatitor websites Analysis~

  1. simple design
  2. the color is clean 
  3. the webpage is not consistent

  1. too simple
  2. too much word
  3. the layout is not consistent

  1. the page are consistent
  2. infographic
  3. have background music
  4. the color mood are nice and suitable for the wesite.

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