Monday, February 7, 2011

paranormal stuff~

assalamualaikum ..hyeeeeeee well i like to share with u guys about paranormal stuff, well i watching ghost advantures since last week ...well im watching alone at midnight..well its really scary and i cannot sleep around 3 days and keep my light on..(=_=)""bye the way im also read some comments about this ghost hunters..and this ghost hunters is wayyyy better than ghost hunter(a.k.a TAPS)...well i got these 2 videos ghost adventures documentary.. owh yah..these the comment that i like from others viewers..about paranormal

I'd hate to be the ghost in one of these Ghost hunting shows, it must be really frusterating.

Random ghost hunter: Hello! can you make a noise to let us know your here? we mean you NO HARM!

Random ghost: Oh okay then, hello thar :D

Random ghost hunter: OMGWTF WAS THAT? did you hear it? what was that? WHAT WAS THAT?

Ghost: .... )':

and these r the videos (>.<)

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