Monday, April 19, 2010

just for fun..

hye guys!!! i want to show u some pictures that had been taken by me....hehe these picture when i was in the car and suddenly a few boats were passed by, and i take the picture..and the location of these pictures in melaka sungai duyung...we have a great time and we also makan ikan bakar....burp!! excuse me hehe..

Thursday, April 15, 2010

cake boss t.v reality show..

halooo,well long time i didn't update my blog...actually i dont have the idea what to write..until i watch this tv series cake boss reality show on travel and living in astro channel 707 , the name of this bakery is carlo's bakery shop since 1910!!! dikire turun temurun la ni...they make the most beautiful cake i never see before ...they make a zombie cake for halloween, all the blood syrup, brain , rat, like real woowwww...i wish i have a cake like that..all the details, colour, ideas was amzing..i can imagine that when the zombie cake in front of me..hehehe well i have a few picture that they make the cake.


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