Wednesday, August 25, 2010

raya songs..

ola! these are my fev song during raya ...yup every year haha..when my mom and i bake some cookies we turn on the radio and yes.....guess what raya songs!! haha and if you notice that a lot of shopping mall, shops bazaar ramadhan decorate their shops and yess raya songs ...pi sana lagu raya, pi sini lagu raya... kita nk raye yay!! alhamdulillah..happy tu happy la gak.. but in 2004 during ramadhan my granmother passed away before my birthday...17 october 2004..sedey sangat yg pergi tetap pergi.bile balik kl nanti aq leh la visit kubur nenek ku...pape pon back to raya song ..actually i want to share with you all raya song the most famous during raya..enjoy!

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